Nature is the inspiration behind our dishes

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An elegant and comfortable setting

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Quality, Tradition and Hospitality

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Beauty, the element that characterizes this place

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Getting the most out of local ingredients in the kitchen

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A pleasant and relaxing atmosphere

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The best that nature has to offer

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The richness and simplicity of Ligurian cuisine

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The seafaring tradition we treasure

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A perfect match between tradition and imagination

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A passion for unique flavors

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One of the most spectacular marine amphitheaters on the Italian peninsula, this corner of Liguria between Portovenere and Lerici is also known as the Gulf of Poets, due to the fact that over the centuries numerous artists, including Montale, Wagner and Lord Byron, chose it as their home away from home, stunned by its beauty and inspired by its landscapes.
This incredibly beauty finds its natural complement in the cuisine, which brings out the best in local products. Nature is at its finest here, thanks to the sea that’s abundant in fish and the cliffs overlooking Portovenere that offer uniquely flavorful produce and herbs in every season, thanks to the sea breeze that blows all year round and makes this land rich in fragrances and flavors.
It is in this setting that the current Trattoria Le 3 Torri opened its doors in 1999, on the vestiges of one of Portovenere’s oldest locales, in the hopes of offering high-quality cuisine that’s respectful of tradition and of a territory rich in raw materials and history.

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Every day a local fishing boat provides the trattoria with mussels, clams, anchovies, crustaceans, squid, and calamari, depending on the season. The herbs, capers, lemons and basil that grow among the cliffs and are delivered fresh daily are the true masters of dishes that uphold tradition while further enriching it thanks to the imagination of the chef, who makes the pasta fresh daily: tagliatelle, maltagliati, gnocchi and ravioli.

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The best that nature has to offer

Nature is the source of inspiration for dishes that are varied constantly to reflect the rhythms of the seasons, with their foundations in that treasured seafaring tradition that characterizes the richness of Ligurian cuisine. ISeafood is present throughout in all shapes and sizes, from the appetizers to the main dishes.
La Spezia-style Stuffed Mussels, with mortadella, chard, marjoram and tomato sauce await you alongside raw fish plates, Fried Anchovies with Pesto, Marinated Anchovies, Octopus Salad, Tartare of Shrimp, Rice and Burrata Cheese.
Among our first courses, the unmissable Trofie with Pesto Sauce - an absolute must on the summer menu - Tagliolini with Fresh Clams, Risotto with Anchovies, Anchovy Sauce and Buffalo Mozzarella, Paccheri from Gragnano with Assorted Shellfish, and Ravioli with Mussels represent the best of what the sea has to offer in its encounter with traditional cuisine.
The main dishes reflect the chef’s respect and passion for his native land as well, in plates that vary according to the daily catch, including baked fish “all’Isolana”, grilled fish, as well as the sliced “Tagliata” of tuna with seasonal vegetables, the classic plate of Mixed Fried Seafood from the gulf with tubers and crunchy potatoes, Catalan-style Lobster, and Fried Anchovies.
Special mention goes to the dessert menu with homemade treats, both classic and mouthwatering, including tiramisu and gelato supplied by a nearby high-quality artisan gelato shop.

Wine List

In our establishment you’ll find a wide and accurate selection of wines. We naturally reserve a special place for local wines. We can offer you wines from the Cinque Terre, the local Cooperatives, various Vermentinos from the hills of Luni, and many more. Ask for suggestions from our sommelier, who will show you the best possible wines to complement your food and satisfy your needs.


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